Roxanne’s story really gets to me. She fell pregnant with a baby while addicted to drugs. She is still very sad when she thinks about her unconventional start as a mother. Roxanne received a lot of help from the pregnancy and childbirth support Stichting de Beschermde Wieg, from her social-psychiatric nurse and the crisis foster family that brought up her daughter. Thanks to the support she was given, Roxanne was able to get back on her feet and her day-to-day became bearable again.

Roxanne had to fight for 18 months to prove that she was ready to care for her daughter herself. Motherhood completely changed her life. All the difficult things she has had endure have made her stronger than ever.

At the moment, Roxanne and her daughter are living in a mother-and-child shelter. Roxanne is at the top of the waitinglist for a real house, counting the days until she and her child can make their own, beautiful home together. 

This project was a collaboration with The Nutshuis (The Hague) and part of their exhibition ‘Silent Poverty in The Netherlands’.

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