Due to the unstable politics in Indonesia, my grandparents and mother migrated to Holland in 1961. Hoping for a better future, they chose to make the leap and leave their trusted homeland.
The Netherlands was the obvious destination because of their shared colonial past. All three of them already spoke the Dutch language and other family members had already led the way and immigrated to Holland.
The mass migration of Indonesian families to Holland has resulted in a dual transition. Two worlds slowly merged into one; the Indonesian and Dutch culture intertwined.
Since both my grandparents passed away, my 92-year-old great-uncle, ‘oom Ka’, handed his memories over to me. I visualized his memories and combined with my family archive I tried to get a better understanding of my family’s heritage and how my story carries a larger collective history.
With this project, I hope to pass down this story to future generations, keeping our past alive.

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