Artist statement

Photography enables me to get close to people and to translate their stories to others.
These stories are often connected to the past. They come forth out of some kind of affection and personal longing I feel towards freezing the transience of life.
The longing to know more about someone else’s life and about what this person has had experienced.
Photographing gives me the opportunity to always return to that frozen moment in time.
My eye is drawn towards details in, for instance, someone’s appearance, belongings or mobility.
Exactly those details can say so much about a person. Nothing can quite speak to our imagination like how someone moves, speaks and dresses can.
Small humanitarian stories attract my attention; those intimate stories carry larger time- and life perspectives for a broader audience.
As humans our individual experiences can connect us collectively,
therefore I hope my work can inspire my audience to reflect and cherish the world around them as well as their own.